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Power 9 Network (P9NW) is a social Mastermind site focusing on world building, character creation, monster creation, plot creation and themes that may be used by writers, and artist to create massive interrelated worlds that everyone can share and use. As a writer or artist one of the most time consuming areas is creating worlds, characters and monsters / villains. Even worse is keeping all the locations, names, events, background history, and interactions straight.

That’s where P9NW comes in. Not only will we create the worlds and characters that live in them, but we will flesh out the backstory and history on the worlds, characters, villains, monsters, and more. You will be able to search the entire website for characters, places and other topics all contained in the P9NW database. But the best feature of P9NW is the worlds we create will be interactive. You’ll be able to walk the worlds, look around, find areas that aren’t mentioned, and if available stake a claim to that area and develop it as your own in your stories.

P9NW’s plans are vast and will take time to implement as we are creating the story worlds from scratch or using assets from the Unity Asset store to speed things up where we can. We are open to suggestions and ask for your input for which you will get credit and links to your published works and author website.

We will also have an interactive museum that you can walk around in and look over items, characters, and monsters that appear in the worlds we’ll be creating. As the site grows we will reinvest our profits back into the creations of worlds but hiring additional help. We hope this will snowball which will allow us to make more money that we can in turn reinvest back into creating more worlds and story plots.

This is a Mastermind group as well as a social site, feel free to express  your opinions, offer suggestions and even contribute to the overall development of the site. All we ask is to keep it  civil and be polite to others on the site. If you have a disagreement or a problem with other members, please don’t escalate it by starting a war of words. Let us know and we will address the situation. We will try our best to make this a friendly and helpful place to hang out, but if we cannot resolve issues with people arguing with other members, being aggressive, insulting, or what we consider to be a problem member, we will remove that person and ban them from the site.

We are trying a few ideas and ask you to let us know what you like and dislike. We’ll do our best to improve the site so it’s a pleasure for everyone to use, but as the saying goes, you can never please everyone, but we’ll try our best.

There will also be section on writing, grammar, publishing, programming, Unity, WordPress, and other subjects involved in creating the P9NW website. We are also open to adding additional topics if you want to see them covered.

Alright, let’s get started and start creating some worlds and story ideas.

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