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When it comes to writing the one thing you must do is write. It doesn’t matter how good it is, just write. It’s like anything you want to get good at, you need to keep doing it, again, and again, and again. JUST WRITE and KEEP WRITING.

Pansters love to write by the seat of their pants and believe plotting restricts the creative juices. But plotters believe mapping out your story, knowing where you’re going, creates a stronger, more developed story. It doesn’t matter which you believe you still need to know the different parts of writing. Characters, plots, themes, structure, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and so much more it can seem daunting.

As you learn the parts of writing, use the characters and plots found in the worlds provided and write. Then edit, they rewrite, then ask people to be beta readers, fix what they find and publish. The more you do, the more you’ll learn, and the better you’ll become.


What is Plot? Do you need a plot for a successful and interesting story? Where do you find ideas for new plots, or how do you take a popular plot and rework it into one of your own? This section will help you in those areas and more.


Theme is one of those topics that perplex and confuse writers. Just what is a theme and how do you create one to make your story more interesting. The Themes section will help you understand them and develop a compelling theme for your story.


Structure is what makes the story work. It’s the combination of plot, theme, voice, point of view, but most of all it’s an interesting character, facing a difficult task, and handing it in a compelling way.


Genre use to be limited in number but with the creation of Amazon and the ability to self-publish the number of different genres and sub-genres have exploded. Keep up to date on the hottest genres, what make them work, and how to find them.


Characters are the core of your story. You can have the most compelling story in the world but if your characters are flat, lifeless, or unlikable your story will fail. Learn how to create living, breathing, lovable characters.


World Building is important to both the writer and game developer. The most important part for writers is keeping your locations, dates, and events consistent. The worst thing you can do is have a character born in one town in the beginning of the story and change it later. As a game programmer an engaging world draws the player in just as much as the game itself. Learn how to build worlds for both the programmer and writer, the easy way.


Are you a plotter or Pantser? Which way is better? Which way is correct. Or is there a middle ground where both serve a purpose? This section will help you decide which works best for you and the pros and cons of both methods.


What makes writers tick? What skills, information, and tools do you need to be a successful writer? This section will help you find those answers and more.


List of resources writers should have in their “toolbox” along with links to valuable websites, software, book, and articles.

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